We are not one individual. We are a team.


A team that wants to motivate you and see you moving again, loving again, enjoying life again.



We have overcame a lot of life's obstacles. Health, Drug Addiction, Poverty, Education, etc.

We know we will face other struggles in life but it's about preparing for those struggles and being able to hit them head on and keep moving. Too often we let the little things in life hold us down. The problems and adversity that we've faced has truly allowed us to become the strong minded individuals we are today. We attribute much of that to our mentors and the ones that helped us understand how great each individual is and can be. We are ready to share it, give back, and get you moving in a positive direction.



I started at Packaging Specialties Inc (shrink wrap factory) when I was 18 year old, over the course of 6 years worked my way from the lowest position in house (Press Helper) to inside sales in the corporate office. From there I went on to be the Operations Manager of Butterfield Millworks (Jeld-Wen Window company) in Fayetteville, AR. After 2 years I wanted to go back into sales and started with ACUTRAQ in 2008 while managing a night shift at a Sun Chemical substation within Packaging Specialties Inc (the first company I worked for) so I could build my clientele during the day. In October of 2009 I was able to go full time with ACUTRAQ where I currently reside. When I started it was just the owner, myself, and one office person. I have since moved into the position of Vice President and we now have 8 employees at the home office, clients in each of the lower 48 states, an ACUTRAQ office in Hollywood Florida, and an affiliate office in Baltimore Maryland. I have had the opportunity to speak at Lone Star College and countless other associations across the country educating landlords and employers.   

Although I have maintained a full time career, I have also pursued music as a professional guitar player and have been lucky enough to be published by providing guitar work on The Scarface Album “Work Ethic” along with Guns and Roses guitarist Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal. I aslo provided guitar samples on the Devin the Dude album “One for the Road”. I have been featured in music videos over the years and have since moved into production and launched my first music video in which I wrote, directed, and produced the complete project, "The Bad Tenant Blues". Over the course of my time in Houston I’ve been blessed to work at nearly every major studio in the city. I’m fortunate to work with so many upcoming artist and being able to help in their talent development. I’m a blues player by nature but was in the right place at the right time to find my niche playing guitar for hip hop and R&B artist.  

My efforts have moved more into motivation and teaching others how to step up and get what they want out of life through the UmeetU Movement. I stay busy but I stay happy and want to help others achieve their potential. Through everything I’ve been involved in, even at 37 I still feel like I’m just getting started. Stay Tuned!!